October 25, 2005

Kevin "Love" Roberts

Lavar a roupa pode ser uma experiência emocional?

Kevin Roberts, CEO da Saatchi and Saatchi e autor Love marks esteve recentemente em Portugal onde apresentou o livro acabando por se desdobrar em entrevistas e opiniões pela media nacional.

Aqui fica um excerto de uma entrevista sua dada CNN e publicada no hidden persuader em Março de 2004.

SCHUCH (voice-over): From choosing soap powder to automobiles, Roberts believes that emotions are the key to every decision we make. Take the laundry, for instance. What makes Tide better than Cheer?
ROBERTS: Mystery, sensuality are vital, you know, and...

SCHUCH: We're talking about laundry detergent.
ROBERTS: But a laundry's an incredibly sensual experience. Think about it. When you see the water going onto the product, splashes up like a great big waterfall, you get this incredible vibrant fragrance. Clean clothes smell great. And you feel deep inside your heart, you're a better woman, better mother, better guy. This is a very emotional experience, the laundry.

SCHUCH: That's what you see in doing laundry.
ROBERTS: Absolutely right. And that's what women tell us. That's what -- I mean, you've got to penetrate, you know, people. They have three parts of their brain, right? They have the cortex, the neocortex, right, and then they have the limbic. Deep back there is the reptilian. And when you get into that reptilian brain, women like going down to the laundry. It's their private quiet time.

SCHUCH (voice-over): It's this kind of deeply personal detective work that Roberts thinks makes great advertising.
ROBERTS: Research is one of the biggest problems facing our business today. The research vampires are out there, and what they're doing is, they're measuring the wrong stuff. So they're measuring awareness, cut through communication, strategic benefits. All this nonsense instead of getting deep into the reptilian instincts of a consumer and saying, What is it you really feel? The only really question research should ask is, Do you love my brand more after seeing this commercial than you did before? Period. Do you love it more?


Anonymous said...

Pena que a Park Saatchi cá seja praticamente uma agência desconhecida sem grande notoriedade ou trabalho visivel.

Anonymous said...

Pena q tenha sido mal gerida estes anos todos... e mais não digo