March 31, 2008

"Food for thought"

"Face it: Most members of marketing departments are not living the same lives as their target audiences."
-- Allen P. Adamson, BrandSimple


R. said...

err essa é que é essa. Eu gosto é daquelas dir. de marketing que vivem na Lapa e depois têm que comunicar para o target que vive na Cova da Moura ahahah é 1 execercício giro.

RT3 said...

This is true if you have a "normal" life with a schedule and always go to the same places. As a marketer I try and by God do my best to go everywhere, especially with my budget. Nevertheless, I can move in every world to better understand the target and perceive necessities as well as touching a common ground on how and why they communicate. Saludos.