January 08, 2010

"What Really Kills Great Companies"

Um interessante artigo do Gary Hamel no Wall Street Journal sobre a inércia das organizações, usando como exemplo/analogia a "organização" Igreja.

What are some of the inertial forces that have prevented churches from reinventing themselves in ways that might make them more relevant to a post-modern world? A partial list would include:

–Long-serving denominational leaders who have little experience with non-traditional models of worship and outreach.

–A matrix of top-down policies that limits the scope for local experimentation.

–Training programs (seminaries) that perpetuate a traditional view of religious observance and ministerial roles.

–Promotion criteria for church pastors that reward conformance to traditional practices.

–And a straightjacket of implicit beliefs around how you “do church.” For example:

Church happens in church.

Preaching is the most effective way of imparting religious wisdom.

Pastors lead in church while parishioners remain (mostly) passive.

The church service follows a strict template: greet, sing, read, pray, preach, bless, dismiss (repeat weekly).

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alan david said...

no artigo no Wall Street Journal ele desenvolve muito bem o tema, até citando exemplos.

obrigado por compartilhar.