June 21, 2006

Fallon, London: "Tate Britain"

[Grand Prix outdoor -- Cannes 2006]


Anonymous said...

Não percebi. Grand Prix porquê? Eu só li porque queria descobrir, mas o texto nem tem nada de relevante. ok. Fico com a cabeça para cima como se estivesse num museu, mas... é só isso? Podes explicar???

Anonymous said...

ADVERTISING AGE: "Close race for top prize
The Grand Prix came down to Tate and an Adidas installation from Whybin TBWA, Auckland, that catapulted people over the city of Melbourne in an escape-pod-like sphere "kicked" by professional soccer player Steven Gerrard, allowing them to "be the ball."

"Some people in the jury have the opinion Adidas' 'Ball' is a better idea because it allows you to have a brand experience," Mr. Vega Olmos said. "[Other] people feel Tate is a strong idea that goes beyond the layout and design and characteristic of the posters. ... Tate is going back to the pure value of an idea that can go beyond media."


Anonymous said...

É brilhante.
Mas, como todos sabemos, um outdoor não pode ter mais que 7 palavras, ahahahah!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! Such good copy. I love the Tate Modern.