September 21, 2005

Sobre o Motorola iTunes

"Why the iPhone won't rock your world"

"The reason people were so intrigued about the idea of an iPhone is that it had the potential to make three hitherto-parallel universes converge. First, there was Apple's iTunes - the first, and still the dominant, legal online music business (which has sold half a billion songs since it opened). Then there was the mobile phone - the one modern device that has become ubiquitous in our lives. And finally, there was the iPod, the iconic gizmo that has become the Walkman de nos jours.

Put these three together in a single device and - so the theory went - you had a truly revolutionary technology."

[Fonte: The Observer Business]


O Leitor said...

"It certainly doesn't threaten the iPod -- and that may be just what Jobs wants" -- Business Week. Pois não, a Apple está a comprar tempo via Motorola para fazer face à "ameaça" dos novos telemóveis da Nokia MP3 e companhia Lda.

S. said...

Eu quero um!
Eu sou daquelas mac-lovers que não compro Nokia porque toda a gente tem um. Eu quero um iMotorola, com iTunes, da cor do iPod. iQuero! iQuero!!! :P