October 24, 2005

iPod VS Telemóveis

Algumas razões pelas quais a integração do leitor de MP3 nos telemóveis representam uma ameaça futura e um substituto aos actuais leitores de MP3 (ex: iPod, Creative, etc).

1. "Portable music players do not sell 750 million units every year. Mobile phones do."

2. "Portable music players are not replaced every two years on average. Mobile phones are."

3. "People will acquire MP3 player ability almost by accident, simply as they replace their phones."

4. "Even fanatical i-Pod users don't carry the player everywhere everyday, but they do carry their mobile phones."

5. "Mobile phones are subsidised in most markets. That means that in most markets where buyers have to pay full price for the i-Pod, they can have the somewhat inferior music player "for free" with their next phone upgrade."

[Fonte: Communities Dominate Brands | Via: PSFK]

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